About Us Copy

Helweg Design is essentially Michael Helweg—with a great amount of help from his best friend, wife, and co-owner Laura. Michael has been designing, building, and wiring pedalboard-related things since 2010. Helweg Design is currently based in Nashville, TN.  

Always a tech for the techless, Michael has become as much a consultant, signal routing engineer, and trouble shooter as pedalboard builder—though there is always plenty of that.  

Michael is perfection-driven as a craftsman, and all Helweg Design products and services reflect his high standards and scrutiny of every detail. With a commitment to excellence and ten years’ experience as a foundation, Michael has an unwavering passion for product design and development. There is always something new on the drawing board.

Michael and Laura Helweg

Michael: Consulting, Design, R&D, Building, Electrical, Photography, Web Design
Laura: Business Management, Website Editing, Social Media
(Laura is also a full-time book editor at Harper Collins.)


Having a background in furniture repair, Michael launched Helweg Custom Pedalboards in 2010, producing highly customized pedalboards from his hometown of Lawrence, KS.

Michael’s skill set and meticulous attention to detail was welcome in a then-exploding market for boutique gear. Our early portfolio shows a clear emphasis on wood crafting, upholstery, and integrated features. Michael spent several years cutting his proverbial teeth working with musicians to create signal chains, design layouts, and overcome obstacles, in addition to building, wiring, and testing the custom pedalboards.

The experience gained from these early years inspired a comprehensive new pedalboard design, mounting bracket and riser system, and more importantly, a slightly new direction; veering away from expensive cosmetic features in pursuit of improved access, function, and durability with heavy touring in mind.

We relaunched the company in 2016 unveiling our OpenWing pedalboard design, along with a new logo, under our current Helweg Design name. The product line was granted three US design patents, and we continue to be thrilled with the results that the designs are able to accomplish.

In 2018 we relocated to Nashville, which already feels like home, and has been an excellent base of operations to better connect in person with more of our clients.

Much credit is due to Michael’s dad, Stan Helweg, who liked to jokingly claim that he taught Michael everything he knows. All we do, we hope to exude Stan’s love for people and selfless work ethic.