Pedalboard Pedal Mounting

Our pedalboard set-up services include pedal mounting with our screw-mount bracket and riser system

Pedal mounting includes cleaning the pedals, removing Velcro if needed, assembling risers and brackets to pedals, arranging the pedals and other gear on the pedalboard according to the mock-up, pre-drilling screw holes in the pedalboard deck, and finally, screw-mounting the pedals to the pedalboard. All necessary screws and spacers are included in the parts costs. 

Parts Each
Helweg Design Type H Mounting Brackets $2.50
Helweg Design Type S Mounting Brackets $3
Helweg Design Type L Mounting Brackets $5
Helweg Design 2” Pedal Mounting Risers $10
Helweg Design Power Supply Brackets $5
Custom Riser Panel $30+
Mounting Labor Per Pedal
Using brackets, risers, or panels $8