Pedalboard Setup & Custom Patch Cable Pricing

Patch cable parts

Mono Plugs Each
Straight short barrel (G&H 1358) $3.80
Straight (G&H BF2P) $2.50
Right-angle(G&H RF2P) $3.25
Stereo (TRS) Plugs
Straight (Switchcraft 299) $5
Right-angle (Switchcraft 236) $5.50
XLR Plugs
Straight (Neutrik NC3FXX) $3
Right-angle (Neutrik NC3FRX) $8
MIDI Plugs
5-Pin adjustable angle (Switchcraft 05DL5M) $8.50
7-Pin adjustable angle (Switchcraft 15DL7M) $9.50
5-Pin straight (Rean NYS322) $2
7-Pin straight (Rean NYS323) $2
Cable Per foot
Oxygen-free copper mini cable (made in USA) $1
Oxygen-free copper ultra thin cable (Canare) $1
Analysis Plus Silver Thinline $14
Mini stereo/balanced cable $1
MIDI cable $1

Patch cable labor

Plug type Per plug
Mono plugs $4
Stereo (TRS) plugs $6
XLR plugs $6
MIDI plugs $10
Custom Length and Labeled DC Cables Per cable
(cables included with power supply) $8

Pedal Setup

We offer pedal mounting and setup services with our screw-mount bracket and riser system

Parts Each
Helweg Design 2” Pedal Mounting Risers $9
Helweg Design Type H Mounting Brackets $2.50
Helweg Design Type S Mounting Brackets $3
Helweg Design Type L Mounting Brackets $4
Custom Riser Panel $25+
Mounting Labor Per Pedal
Using brackets, risers, or panels $6