Helweg Design

L-Shaped Pedal Mounting Brackets

  • The Helweg Design pedal mounting system locks down your gear for a professional, no-compromise pedalboard setup.

    The simply designed L-shape bracket is finely tuned to mount a variety of pedal enclosures that have side screws.

    Packaged for one individual pedal.
  • All packs include washers, #6 wood screws, and 3M feet.

    Hardware Pack 1

    Use this pack for: enclosures with common-sized machine screws.

    Includes: #6-32 x 3/8" screws

    Examples: Fulltone single-switch pedals, Jetter Gear, Sarno

    Hardware Pack 2

    Use this pack for: enclosures with smaller screws.

    Includes: #4-40 x 3/8" screws

    Examples: J. Rockett (tour series), Strymon Zuma

    Hardware Pack 3

    Use this pack for: Strymon Ojai and Ojai R30

    Includes: #2-56 x 3/8" screws

    • 14-gauge steel
    • Size: H: 0.875" x W: .56" x L: .60"
    • Textured black powder-coat finish
    • Manufactured in Kansas City
    • 5-year warranty
  • Each package includes two brackets and the hardware for one standard (MXR to Boss size pedal). We recommend using four brackets (2 sets) when mounting larger units.

    Large switchers and control units can exceed 8–10 pounds. Use discretion when screw mounting these heftier units.

    Some enclosures, such as the Boss 500 series have bottom screws and side screws. Combine the L-Shaped brackets with our Offset brackets to mount these and similar pedals.

    Mounting FAQ


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