OpenWing 13" x 32" Pedalboard—Grey Tweed Woven Vinyl

Helweg Design

Transform your pedal collection into a sleek, cohesive unit with our 13" x 32" OpenWing pedalboard. Offered here in a fantastic vintage-inspired woven vinyl covering. 

OpenWing 13 Pedalboard_Right Wing

The low-profile OpenWing 13 pedalboard: A fine-tuned balance of light-weight portability and roadworthy durability. The simple design achieves seamless integration of pedals, patchbays, and power supplies with a minimalist aesthetic.

US Patent No. D792503

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    • 1/2" cabinet-grade Baltic birch plywood deck
    • 1/2" poplar back brace
    • Durable ABS laminate surface
    • Industrial woven vinyl covering (made in USA)
    • Black powder-coat aluminum wings
    • Built-in IEC connector
    • Pedalboard size: 13" deep x 32" long
    • Usable pedal space: 12" deep x 31.75" long
    • Pedalboard height (with rubber feet): 3.6"
    • Pedalboard weight: 7.9 lbs.
    OpenWing 13 x 32 pedalboard dimensions drawing


OpenWing 13 Pedalboard_IEC power connector

All OpenWing pedalboards include a built-in IEC connector for a quick and secure connection to your AC power source.

We can patch the connector to

an on-board isolated power supply (Voodoo Labs, etc.)

IEC Patch Cable for Voodoo Lab Pedal Power supplies

an on-board AC outlet (for use with a 1-Spot or DC adapter)

120V (North America)         –or–        230V (International)
AC Outlet

an isolated power supply plus an AC outlet

120V–230V        +     120V (North America)    –or–    230V (International)
IEC Patch Cable plus AC Outlet

Our optional Power Switch & Pilot Light assembly quickly powers the board on and off without removing the power cord—especially handy for studio or home use.

The pilot light indicates that power is reaching the pedalboard while adding a cool vintage vibe.

Compatible with all the power options listed above and available in 120V or 230V, for use in North America or around the globe.

Please specify the LED color (amber, red, blue, green, or clear) in a note at checkout.

Power Switch Pilot Light Panel with Pedal Power 4X4

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