About Us

Helweg Design produces effect pedalboards, cases, and related parts for use throughout the music industry, from the stage to the studio. We are a family-owned company, located in Lawrence, Kansas.

We develop innovative designs that provide the foundation for streamlined and cohesive effect-pedal systems. Materials are selected for the durability needed to withstand heavy touring, while keeping our systems at minimal weight. We excel in power and signal-routing integration, patch-bay interfacing, and noise reduction. Our signature style permeates everything we create, making our utility-focused products equally suited for an upscale recording studio, a church, or any prized pedal collection. 

Helweg Design products feature in-house wood crafting and precision assembly of all pedalboard and case components. We team with a number of local Kansas City–area businesses for metal fabrication, metal coating, and screen printing. Additional materials are sourced from manufacturers within the USA whenever possible.

History and Goals

In 2010, under the name Helweg Custom Pedalboards, we began producing 30–40 highly customized pedalboard systems per year.

The experience we gained over these years of working alongside musicians, overcoming obstacles, designing layouts, building pedalboards, and wiring signal chains became inspiration for a comprehensive new system. Reloaded with fresh blueprints and direction, we thought it fitting to relaunch under a new name in 2016—Helweg Design. 

In July 2017 we were awarded our first U.S Patentfor our original OpenWing Pedalboard design.

With your support, we will continue to develop and expand the OpenWing pedalboard series, original mounting brackets and risers, and premium case options in the coming months and years. 

Michael and Laura

The Team

Michael Helweg: Designer, Builder, Technician, Photographer, Website Designer
Laura Helweg: Co-Owner, Business Manager, Website Editor
David Dunn: Social Marketing and Sales Specialist

You can reach us through our Contact page.