About Us

Helweg Design is the result of Michael Helweg’s pursuit of a new kind of pedalboard—a board that combines function, craftsmanship, and showroom looks.

The patented OpenWing pedalboard forms the foundation for a streamlined effects-pedal system, for use from stage to studio and for guitar, keyboard, and beyond. Our mounting hardware provides flexible yet secure setup options. Our custom setup and signal routing services complete our portfolio by delivering integrated, great-sounding, ready-to-play units.


Michael is a perfection-driven designer who never stops asking “Can I make this better?” All Helweg Design products reflect his high standards and scrutiny of every detail.

With this mindset, Helweg Design will continue to develop and expand the OpenWing pedalboard series, our original pedal mounting brackets and risers, and premium case options.


In 2010, Helweg Custom Pedalboards began producing 30–40 highly customized pedalboard systems per year. For the next six years, Michael worked alongside musicians to overcome obstacles, design layouts, build custom pedalboards, and wire signal chains. This work inspired a comprehensive new system, and Michael relaunched the company as Helweg Design in 2016. He continues to innovate and has received several patents on his designs.

Michael and Laura Helweg
Michael and Laura

The Team

Michael Helweg: Designer, Builder, Technician, Photographer, Website Designer
Laura Helweg: Co-Owner, Business Manager, Website Editor

You can reach us through our Contact page.