Pedal Mounting Tips & FAQ

Pre-drill the mounting holes in the pedalboard deck for best results. A basic hand drill is adequate. A 3/32" drill bit is ideal for the included #6 wood screws. Pre-driving the screws once (without pedals) is also helpful. After that, pedals can be quickly mounted and removed with a standard Phillips screwdriver. 

Enclosures most commonly use basic Phillips head screws. However, mounting some pedals will require alternate sized Phillips bits, flat head bits, or even specialty bits (TC Electronics).

Always install enclosure screws by hand to avoid damaging the pedal. A drill gun should only be used for mounting wood screws in the pedalboard deck. 


We've assembled hardware packs to facilitate quick and easy installation with thousands of common enclosures right out of the box. Still, with the huge variety of enclosures on the market, many of us will find a tricky-to-mount pedal in our collection. Some pedals require longer-than-stock screws to accommodate the added thickness of the brackets. Conversely, replacing screw-on expression pedal feet with brackets may require shorter screws or taller spacers.

Be sure to browse all of our bracket models and hardware packs for the best match for your enclosure.

We are continuing to work out new hardware packs for special enclosures. If you have a tricky one that requires an alternate screw or spacer, we'd like to know about it and can hopefully help you find a solution.

It's sometimes possible to find the proper screw or spacer at your local hardware store. However, source screws with caution since the wrong threads can greatly damage the enclosure. Carefully installing replacement enclosure screws by hand will protect against this risk. 

Our hardware packs include mounting screws for wood pedalboard decks. Mounting to a Pedaltrain or similar aluminum board may be possible using machine screws backed with a washer and nut, but this would be a slightly more technical procedure best attempted with some similar experience. We do not currently offer hardware or support for metal board mounting.

Yes. In most cases we are glad to offer setup services. Contact us to inquire.

Our risers are designed to screw-mount to any flat wooden pedalboard. If they happen to work with a third-party scheme it would be a coincidence.

We do not set up third-party pedalboards often enough to offer product support across brands, but we do publish spec drawings of all Helweg parts to help you get the info you need.