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Custom Shop Services

Read a quick walkthrough of the custom ordering process and see terms and conditions HERE.

Custom pedalboard with consulting and setup services

This package includes complete design assistance and access to the full spectrum of our custom services. Together, we’ll work out signal chain, pedal layout, power, and other details to create a singularly streamlined rig.

With the option to send in your gear for full setup services, your board arrives with pedals mounted, cabled, and tested—ready to plug in and play.

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Custom pedalboard with consulting_set-up service

Basic pedalboard with custom options

Customize your pedalboard size, covering, case type, and more. If you like to handle your own design work and board set up, but still need a custom configuration, this option is for you.

Like all of our boards, each is hand-built by Michael and features the attention to detail and quality materials Helweg pedalboards are known for.

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Custom patchbay with consulting service

A well-planned patchbay can transform a complex pedal collection into a cohesive unit. Now you can get personal consulting and custom patchbay options without ordering a pedalboard. 

In addition to utilizing quality components and veteran craftsmanship, we survey your board and signal chain details to optimize your patchbay design.

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Custom pedalboard patchbay