This is the section where you might expect to read about sustainable products, low carbon footprints, and recycled materials. Of course being responsible with the resources of our planet is important, and we do what we can as a small shop building products by hand.

But honestly, we care way more about the people living on the planet.

It's just who we are. Our family sponsors children living in poverty in developing countries and contributes to fight human trafficking. 

We run our business with the same convictions. We believe in supporting companies who enable their employees to have the quality of life we expect for ourselves.

That's why all Helweg Design products are made in the USA. But we don't stop there. We source every component possible from US suppliers. And if we can support a local shop where we can do business in person, even better.

When you purchase an OpenWing pedalboard, you are directly supporting our family working hard, paying bills, and giving back what we can in Nashville, Tennessee.

But you're also supporting workers from companies around the nation who work hard to bring you quality parts, from beautiful woven vinyl, premium tanned leather, and perfectly anodized aluminum to indestructible rubber feet, road-worthy mounting brackets, sleek logo plates, and more. We make sure we know where our parts come from, so you—and we—can be confident our products support safe, ethical, and respectful work places.

Join us in loving people

Gift a child living in poverty food, supplies, educational support, and friendship with a monthly sponsorship through Compassion International.

Help Samaritan's Purse equip communities to fight human trafficking or give to another need you're passionate about.

Help Samaritan's Purse feed families in developing countries who are suffering most from the global shutdown.