General Info

Helweg Design pedalboards andcasesinclude a 3-year warranty covering parts and workmanship for the original purchaser.

Our mounting brackets and riserscome with a 5-year warranty.

We use the highest quality materials available and expect our products to last a lifetime with care. Damage and normal wear-and-tear are not covered and claims are subject to our discretion. If a problem should arise, let us know. We'll see what we can do to help, even outside of warranty.

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February 2022 update:

We roughly estimate 12-month wait for new orders.

We've sustained an influx of order inquiries over the last 18 months. To facilitate an efficient turn-around from concept to completion, Michael is working with 2-4 clients at a time.

We invite anyone interested to jump in our waitlist, no deposit required. Inquire HERE.

We offer custom pedalboards and custom patchbays with and without layout and signal chain design consulting and setup services.

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We currently do not have dealers and only sell direct.

If you have a brick and mortar shop and are interested in offering Helweg Design products, please don't hesitate to introduce yourself. We will keep you in mind as we expand our production capabilities.

We do not currently have the production power to entertain most product requests from bands, blogs, and YouTube reviewers. However, we genuinely appreciate your interest in our work and wish you the very best of success on your endeavors.

Please don't hesitate to introduce yourself none-the-less. We hope you will keep an eye on our efforts here at Helweg Design as well. 


Each rig we create has too many variables for one client's final price total to be a useful gauge for others. 

Contact us with basic information about your project, and we’ll work up a quote for you. 

Yes. While some Helweg Design parts and features are not suitable for other pedalboard designs, we gladly offer custom patchbays, cables, setup, and testing for just about any pedalboard. 

It may or may not be possible to order a matching Signature Case in the future. If you want one, we highly recommend including it in the initial pedalboard order. 

Should the woven covering be discontinued by the manufacturer (this has happened before), or significant changes are made to our pedalboard or case design, producing a matching case down the road may not be possible. 

In order to achieve a glove-like fit, and to mount hardware to the pedalboard itself, the board must be present when handcrafting its case. Shipping a fully setup, fully insured pedalboard back and forth will typically cost over $150. Thus, realistically, if it doesn't make sense to order one now, it will make less sense to order one later.

No. We retired our original model after 2015 in favor of our current OpenWing design. The latter being (what we consider) a successful effort to overcome a number of obstacles inherent to wedge-shaped pedalboards with gear mounted beneath. 

A few key examples: OpenWing pedalboards do not require flipping upside down to maintenance, have excellent clearance between pedal rows, and are over 30% lighter weight. The design requires less labor (and cost) to customize, yet can accommodate a wide range of future alterations. 

You can discover more about the OpenWing design on our pedalboards page.

Mounting components in our original wood-frame boards required counter-syncing different sized holes on a drill press before finishing/covering, and in some cases, even before gluing. In most cases that makes alterations exorbitantly expensive, if not impossible. This was a major factor in retiring the original design in favor of our current OpenWing design, in which electrical components are housed in removable enclosures, not mounted directly to wood.

Yes. In many cases, we are still able to source hardware and electronic components from past models and make out-of-warranty repairs.

Our original angled pedalboard models were retired in 2015 and are all well past their 3-year warranty.

Unfortunately, the parts and labor required to refinish an original-style board or case is roughly equivalent to the cost of a new current-model board or case—superior products by far.

Because of this, we do not offer re-covering services. 

We do not have a built-in tuner option for our OpenWing models. 

The downside of clever integration is a high price tag with limited ability to alter down the line. Through experience, we have shifted to less inherently expensive features that can be altered or removed if needed, giving you more mileage for the investment and increased re-sale value if you decide to create a new board.  

That said, if anyone wants to crowdfund R&D on a new Helweg built-in tuner, it would be hard to refuse.

Our risers are designed to screw-mount to any flat wooden pedalboard. If they happen to work with a third-party scheme it would be a coincidence.

We do not set up third-party pedalboards often enough to offer product support across brands, but we do publish spec drawings of all Helweg parts to help you get the info you need.

Absolutely. We have authorized dealer status with these companies, allowing us to offer lowest-allowed pricing and excellent product support.

For other brands, we are happy to order pedals through sources like Sweetwater. Or, you can place the order and have the pedals shipped directly here for setup (to avoid shipping twice).