Custom Order Pricing and Paths

OpenWing V2 Pedalboard Base Prices

Boards up to 24"  $249
Boards 25" to 32"  $279
Boards 33" to 40"  $299
Boards longer  Priced via quote
Signature case*  $400-$440
Color upgrade**  $25
Riser panel  $50+
Power switch & pilot light  $100
Power supply cord  $15

* The Signature Case is available for OpenWing pedalboards up to 32 inches long. We offer several additional case and cover options priced via quote.
** Current color upgrades are silver-blue, silver-spruce, and vintage tweed. (Black and grey tweed are standard.)

Ordering Paths

We offer two custom order paths. Basic orders are built to your provided specifications, and some options that require consulting services are not available. More customized options are available when you take advantage of our consulting, including the ability to send in your gear for setup.



Unlimited correspondence
Pedalboards up to 40" long
Pedalboards over 40" long
Mockup of board and riser panel
Signal chain diagrams
Scale pedal layouts
Color upgrades
Basic riser panel
Custom riser panel
Signature case
Basic patchbay
Custom patchbay
Option to add setup services

Setup Services

Setup services include full-size fully soldered custom patch cables, custom-length labeled DC cables, and pedal mounting with our screw-mount brackets. Parts and labor can be roughly estimated at $38 per pedal for basic signal chains. Additional cables for stereo, TRS, XLR, and MIDI connections are priced separately.

Partial setup is also available. We're happy to assist with as much or as little as you need.

Actual parts and labor are ultimately itemized. 


Consulting costs are based on the number of pedals involved and complexity of the signal chain. Contact Michael with your rig details for a quote.