• OpenWing Series Pedalboards

    - U.S. Patent No. D792503 -


    Open = Access

    • Exposed patch cables are shorter than cables run through slots, reducing tone loss, weight, and cost.
    • Components are instantly accessible, expediting troubleshooting, maintenance, and alterations. Turning the loaded board upside down is never required.
    • OpenWing pedalboards retain the ability of our previous wedge boards to integrate patchbays and other components. The wing slots provide access to a multitude of replaceable units—never locking in one custom configuration for the life of the pedalboard.
    • Power components are isolated in the left corner, not running below effect pedals. This greatly reduces the potential for AC noise to infect signal purity.


    Lightweight Durability

    • OpenWing pedalboards are over 30% lighter weight than our former wood-framed angled pedalboards.
    • The back brace and side wings form a self-squaring structure that ensures a straight, rigid board deck.
    • Decks are constructed with premium 1/2" 9-ply Baltic birch.
    • The textured ABS deck surface will greatly outlast a Velcro top, yet stick-on strips adhere nicely when Velcro-mounting is desired. 
    • Industrial woven vinyl or faux leather upholstery is applied in a single seamless sheet. Edges are fully protected beneath the metal wings.
    • Reinforced thermoplastic rubber feet, manufactured in San Diego, CA.
    • Logo plates are made locally and inset to avoid damage. 
    • 1/8" aluminum wings are manufactured and coated in the Kansas City area.

  • Helweg Signature Pedalboard Case

    - U.S. Patent No. D802923 -

    Our original 2010 case blended innovative functionality with classic amplifier style and materials. Our redesigned Helweg Signature Case retains this functionality while upgrading to modern materials and time-tested luggage construction. The result is a slimmer, lighter weight, and higher quality case that brings modern durability to a timeless aesthetic.

    The Helweg Signature Case is fine-tuned for the local troubadour whose engagements include downtown-venue and bar gigging and/or serving on the church worship team. The Signature Case, available for small to medium pedalboards, can be carried like a large briefcase.

    Lightweight Durability

    • Durable thermoformed ABS shell structure with strategic wood bracing
    • 30% lighter weight than an all-plywood alternative
    • Industrial woven vinyl or faux leather covering
    • In-house wood crafting, upholstery, and assembly

    Premium Full-Grain Leather

    Our handle consists of a heavy buck strap wrapped around a chunky, padded underside for unrivaled comfort. Dual-riveted ends and industrial stitching round out the robust design. Made by Anthology Gear Wear.

    Helweg Signature Pedalboard Case with black leather trim

    Matching leather corners are tooled in an original, eye-catching shape and custom molded in-house.

  • Pedal Riser & Screw-Mounting System

    - U.S. Patent Pending  -

    pedal mounting risers
    power supply mounting brackets for Voodoo Labl

    Developed over years of setting up rigs for touring musicians, our screw-mounting system is built to last, keeping your pedals solid and secure through heavy touring.

    • Black finish and hardware that blends with most board decks
    • Black #6 truss-head wood screws included
    • Manufactured in the Kansas City metro area
    • 5-year warranty