Helweg Design

Offset Pedal Mounting Brackets

  • The Helweg Design pedal mounting system locks down your gear for a professional, no-compromise pedalboard setup.

    Our most versatile bracket is offset and adjustable to mount pedal enclosures of many different shapes and sizes.

    Fine-tuned to expertly screw-mount popular effects like Strymon and most wah, volume, and expression pedals, this problem-solving bracket can also mount many rare and unique pedals, switching units, and multi-effects. 

    Packaged for one individual pedal.

  • Hardware Pack 1

    Includes the basic parts needed for dozens of pedal styles. This pack requires you to reuse your original enclosure screws. 

    Available in a two-bracket pack for small pedals, a three-pack for medium-size pedals, and a four-pack for larger units.

    Recommended for: Strymon, RMC wah

    Hardware Pack 2

    Includes replacement screws (#6-32 x 5/16") for many common wah, volume, and expression pedals. (Original screws are often too long once rubber feet are removed.) 

    Contains four brackets and wide counter-sunk washers for strength and a firm grip

    Recommended for: Mission Engineering, Ernie Ball, Vox, Dunlop CryBaby, Xotic Wah, Fulltone Clyde wah

    Hardware Pack 3

    Includes longer replacement screws (#6-32 x 3/8") for many classic pedals. (Many stock enclosure screws are too short for the added bracket thickness.)

    Available in a two-bracket pack for small pedals, a three pack for medium-size pedals, and a four pack for larger units.

    Recommended for: Origin Effects, BK Butler Tube Driver, Moog, Rat, Fuzz Face, Tycobrahe Octavia, Fulltone two-switch pedals

    • 15-gauge steel
    • Size: L: 1.44" x W: .56" x H: .215"
    • Textured black powder-coat finish
    • #6 wood screws with washers
    • 3M feet
    • Manufactured in Kansas City
    • 5-year warranty
    Helweg Design Adjustable Pedal Mounting Bracket Specs
  • The Offset brackets pick up where our smaller countersunk brackets leave off. They're larger and deeper and can mount a wider variety of enclosure styles.

    For common MXR-style enclosures, our Countersunk brackets will be lower profile and more cost effective. 

    We recommend a two-bracket pack for small pedals, a three pack for medium-size pedals (Strymon Flint), and a four pack for larger heavier units (wah, volume, and expression pedals).

    The Offset brackets can also mount many extra-large switchers and control units. These units sometimes have six or more bottom screws, which can be used to mount additional brackets for extra support.

    Check out mounting tips and FAQs below:

    Mounting FAQ


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