Helweg Design 2" Pedal Risers

Developed through years of experience building and setting up pedalboards, the Helweg Design screw-mounting bracket and riser system safely locks down your effect pedals, control units, and power supplies through the heaviest touring grind.

A key component of our OpenWing pedalboard system, Helweg mounting brackets and risers are a substantial utility upgrade recommended for all touring boards and anyone seeking a professional, no-compromise setup.

  • Made in the USA
  • 20-Year Warranty

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  • - Patent Pending -

    Helweg risers are uniquely designed to screw-mount directly to a wide range of pedal enclosures, functioning as a mounting bracket and riser in one. They can also act as columns for a plywood panel to create a solid back-row tier.

    Our exclusive two-piece riser design can span any distance, and the slots can accommodate a screw-to-screw distance of up to 4.5”. Holes between the slots allow mounting small enclosures with equal versatility. 

    While boosting a pedal for easy foot access, the minimalist design creates open space on all sides and beneath, far exceeding the flexibility afforded by slats or cable slots. Additionally, the 2" height offers clearance for patchbays, buffers, and DI boxes to be mounted underneath.

    Wood-mounting flanges feature an open-end slot for quick removal from the pedalboard without completely removing screws. A convenient hole in each leg can be utilized to attach clamps or ties to organize patch cables running across the board.  

    Like Helweg Design mounting brackets, our risers work equally well with third party and DIY pedalboard builds and could be implemented in a number of other stage or studio applications. 

    Constructed of 13-gauge steel with a textured powder-coat finish, this hardware is fine-tuned for optimal durability without adding unnecessary weight and bulk. 

    Helweg Design pedal risers_ Eventide H9_TC Electonics Polytune Mini

    Helweg Design pedal risers_ Xotic EP boost and SP Compressor

  • Hardware Packs

    All packages includes two risers, four wood-mounting screws, and protective nylon washers. Each pack also contains pedal-mounting screws suited for a specific enclosure type.

    Pack 1

    Includes longer replacement screws (#6-32 x 5/8") for common stomp-boxes with countersunk base-plates.

    Well known examples include MXR, Xotic, JHS Pedals, Keeley, and dozens of other brands featuring die-cast enclosures.

    Pack 2

    Includes slightly shorter mounting screws than hardware pack 1 (#6-32 x 1/2"). These are a perfect match for Strymon units and many other pedals featuring sheet-metal enclosures. 

    Pack 3

    Includes special replacement screws and spacers for Boss, Maxon, Ibenez, and other brands using similar enclosures. Allows mounting without removing the factory rubber base-plate pad.

    Pack 4

    Includes longer replacement metric screws (3mm x 12mm). These are less common but required for some popular brands including Eventide.

    MXR Carbon Copy_Xotic EP_TC-Helicon Harmony Singer on Helweg pedal risers

    • 13-gauge steel
    • Textured black powder-coat finish
    • Includes #6 wood screws with retaining washers 
    • Includes longer screws for common enclosures (#6 x 32 x 5/8") 
    • Includes nylon washers for a snug grip without scuffing pedal finish
    • Manufactured in the Kansas City metro area
    • 20-year warranty

    Fulltone 69 Fuzz mounted on Helweg Design risers

  • Helweg Design 2" Riser Specifications

  • Q: What can I mount with each riser package?

    A: Each package includes a riser pair, wood screws, and hardware for directly attaching one effect pedal—no Velcro required. The extremely versatile design accommodates a wide range of enclosure sizes. Two mini pedal enclosures of the same dimensions can often share a riser pair. 

    A riser pair can also support a plywood panel to create a solid raised tier. Depending on the thickness of the plywood and the length of the panel, extra risers may be needed to add support in the middle. A quality 3/8" (9 mm) thick plywood panel stays rigid without center support up to about 12" (30 cm) long.

    Q: What can I mount under a 2" riser?

    A: The 2" riser height is tall enough to easily clear a full-size pedal enclosure for smart integration of custom patchbays, DI boxes, buffers, and other devices not requiring foot access.

    The risers do narrowly clear a Voodoo Lab power supply; but because each riser leg reduces access to the supply's DC plugs, it's best to span over the top of the power supply with a wood panel in most cases. 

    Q: What tools are required?

    A: Pre-drill the mounting holes in the pedalboard deck for best results. A basic hand drill is adequate. A 3/32" drill bit is ideal for the included #6 wood screws. Pre-driving the screws once (without pedals) is also helpful. After that, risers can be quickly mounted and removed with a standard Phillips screwdriver. 

    Enclosures most commonly use basic Phillips head screws. However, mounting some pedals to the risers requires alternate sized Phillips bits, flat head bits, or even specialty bits (TC Electronics).

    Always install enclosure screws by hand to avoid damaging the pedal. A drill gun should only be used for mounting wood screws in the pedalboard deck. 

    Q: Will I need to source additional parts?

    A: We've assembled hardware packs to facilitate quick and easy installation with thousands of common enclosures right out of the box. Still, with the huge variety of enclosures on the market, many of us will find a tricky-to-mount pedal in our collection. Most pedals require longer-than-stock screws to accommodate the added thickness of the riser and nylon spacers. Each hardware pack contains long replacement screws for a specific enclosure type.

    Q: I need different hardware, what do I do?

    A: Be sure to browse all of our hardware packs for the best match for your enclosure(s).

    We are continuing to work out new hardware packs for special enclosures. If you have a tricky one that requires an alternate screw or spacer, we'd like to know about it and can hopefully help you find a solution.

    It's sometimes possible to find the proper screw or spacer at your local hardware store. However, source screws with caution since the wrong threads can greatly damage the enclosure. Carefully installing replacement enclosure screws by hand will protect against this risk. 

    Q: Can I mount risers to a metal board?

    A: Our hardware packs include mounting screws for wood pedalboard decks. Mounting to a steel or aluminum board may be possible using machine screws backed with a washer and nut. This slightly more technical procedure is best attempted with some experience and the proper tools. We do not currently offer hardware or support for this type of mounting.

    Q: This looks too complicated. Can I send in my gear for mounting?

    A: Yes, in many cases we are glad to offer set-up services. Please contact us with inquiries.



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