Helweg Design

2" Pedal Mounting Risers

  • The Helweg Design pedal mounting system locks down your gear for a professional, no-compromise pedalboard setup.

    Helweg risers offer a versatile, secure way to boost nearly any pedal enclosure. They can also support a plywood panel to create a solid back-row tier.

    The ultimate flexibility to create a secure raised pedalboard level—exactly where you need it.

    US Patent D838575

    Packaged for one individual pedal.

  • All packages include 2 risers, wood-mounting screws, and mounting screws for a specific enclosure style.

    Hardware Pack 1 includes longer screws (#6-32 x 5/8") for common enclosures with countersunk-screw base plates. These include MXR, Analogman, JHS Pedals, Keeley, Xotic, and hundreds more.

    Hardware Pack 2 includes short screws (#6-32 x 1/2") for sheet-metal enclosures including Strymon.

    Hardware Pack 3 includes specially threaded screws and spacers for Boss and similar Japanese enclosures with rubber base-plate pads.

    Hardware Pack 4 includes metric screws (3mm x 12mm) for Eventide, TC Helicon. 

    Hardware Pack 5 includes L-Shaped brackets with additional screws and spacers for enclosures with side screws. Examples include J. Rockett, Fulltone, and Jetter.

    Hardware Pack 6 includes special screws used exclusively by TC Electronics.

    • Dimensions: L: 6.7", x W: 0.69", x H: 2"
    • Weight (per riser): 2.6 oz.
    • 13-gauge steel
    • Textured black powder-coat finish
    • #6 wood screws with washers
    • Stainless screws for pedal mounting
    • Leg holes can attach to clamps to organize cables
    • Manufactured in Kansas City
    • 5-year warranty
    2-inch pedal riser specifications
  • Each package includes a riser pair, wood screws, and hardware for directly attaching one effect pedal—no Velcro required. The versatile design accommodates a wide range of enclosure sizes. Two mini pedal enclosures of the same dimensions can often share a riser pair.

    Risers can also support a plywood panel to create a solid raised tier. A quality 3/8" (9 mm) thick plywood panel stays rigid without center support up to about 12" (30 cm) long. Add more risers to support longer panels.

    The 2" riser height allows clearance for a full-size pedal enclosure as well as many patchbays, DI boxes, buffers, and other devices not requiring foot access.

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