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Welcome to Design

by Michael Helweg March 29, 2016

Welcome to Design

Welcome to Helweg Design: the reloaded hub for new Helweg inventions. We’re glad you found us and are very excited to (finally) reveal in full detail the OpenWing system, almost two years in development—and counting.

Today we commence pre-orders for the OpenWing 13 standard line, the compact two-row model and the first of our OpenWing series. Additional models will be introduced in the coming months and years along with a comprehensive mounting bracket and riser system.

Many of you may be familiar with our exclusively custom-order products. Where are the custom Helweg Design pedalboards? How can I place a custom order? Will there ever be custom OpenWing models!?! No need to panic. We credit our new designs entirely to the time spent working directly with musicians and wouldn’t dream of losing that connection and invaluable source of inspiration. A custom ordering system is on the way.

In the meantime, we need your help! The more standard pedalboards we sell, the faster we can fund development of additional models. If the currently available sizes don't meet your needs, please help generate momentum by spreading the word. Follow us on your preferred social media outlet(s), link our website on your favorite blog, or (if you’re like me) tell your in-person friends about us in person or with your voice using the “telephone app” still found on many smart phones.

And for launch day—today only—we have a special giveaway. Visit our social pages for details on how to enter.

We appreciate you greatly and would not be here without you all.

Back with you soon!

Michael Helweg
Michael Helweg


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