January 24, 2024

Thanks so much for being here and checking out my work in 2024.

With no social media posts or website updates over the last year, and many people on our waitlist just as long without an update, some are beginning to ask, quite reasonably, if we are even in business anymore. 

Overdue update

Previously having no children, Laura and I added our beautiful Adelynn Hope to the family in 2021. And then little Cassia Wren this past August (2023). The best structure for our family so far has been for me to take on a good portion of daily childcare. Not our original plan, and we are still assessing as things (little girls) develop.

We're hoping they eventually learn to sleep through the night. 

Amidst the chaos, I've had very limited office and shop time, whereas over my first decade of pedalboarding, I regularly put in 60-plus hour weeks to keep up with orders. 

The lack of updates has been due to the fact that our immediate and future plans for operating Helweg Design with little ones in tow have been somewhat hazy. Until recently. 

Michael and Adelynn 9 2022

Following my muse

My inspiration comes from within the guitar gear world, naturally, but I am equally interested in excellent design found elsewhere—especially furniture, architecture, vintage electronics, and almost anything skillfully hand crafted.

Last year I found myself investigating the Danish modular shelving system popular in the mid 20th century. After mounting the rails (permanently), it’s possible to mix and match any combination of shelves, cabinets, desk tops, or drawers for a customized layout. It can just as easily be altered time and again.

Check out the "Poul Cadovius Royal Shelving System" if you are interested. 


I quickly became fixated on applying Cadovius' "modular" concept to our OpenWing pedalboard design.

OpenWing V3

Thus, I am currently deep in development of a major OpenWing update that, I believe, could push the design to it's zenith. 

The modular-component concept will standardize the product enough to greatly speed up production. Giving our clients access to pedalboard customization through excellent product design, rather than countless hours of personal consultationwill allow us to get many more pedalboards out into the world—without the super long wait time. 

Details to follow, of course, as things develop.

What does this mean for the custom order waitlist?

Folks on our custom order waitlist will retain priority status to order a Helweg pedalboard at my earliest availability, in the order they joined the list. 

Some may be given the option to custom order an OpenWing V2 model. With dwindling V2 parts left, most will simply gain access to pre-order a Version 3 model once they become available. We greatly appreciate everyone's support and plan to offer something special to everyone waiting so long. 

Collaborating with clients and setting up the boards is something I still enjoy. The hands-on experience has also been essential in forwarding my designs. So I do hope to continue custom work, albeit on a very limited basis.

Get updates and access to pre-order an OpenWing Version 3 pedalboard by joining our waitlist. No commitment or deposit is required. Contact us to join the list.




Michael Helweg
Michael Helweg

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