April 09, 2020

With live shows on hold throughout much of the world, our thoughts and prayers go out to the touring musicians along with their lighting, sound, and road crews who are among those temporarily unable to work. Since I am a custom builder and not a staffed company, we are fortunate to have the ability to continue serving our online clients more or less as usual while holed up in the Helweg compound.

In an effort to help our customer base during the COVID-19 situation, we are making available two special discounts:

Offer for touring musicians

Turn in your canceled gig dates to receive 50% off of our custom order consulting fees. As always, we’ll work with you now to hammer out the specs of your pedalboard, and the rest of the payment will not be due until you are ready for your board to be built. We can also work with you to arrange flexible payment arrangements. 

Offer for everyone

Stay at home and set up your pedalboard with 15% off all Helweg Design mounting brackets through April. Use this code to shop with the discount.


Be safe and God bless,

-Michael and Laura Helweg

Laura Helweg
Laura Helweg

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