April 05, 2018

If you’re like most pedalboard owners, it’s a Tetris-level accomplishment to fit your gear on one rig. “What should I do with all this extra board space?” said no one ever.

While we can’t tell you which of your 10 fuzz pedals is your top dog, there are several things we can do to better use the footprint you’ve got. One way is to rehouse space hogs like amp control switches. Recently, we rehoused a Redplate amp controller and Strymon favorite switch into one much smaller box.

Redplate amp control switcher, aftermarket Strymon favorite switch, and new box.

Strymon favorite switch removed

The favorite switch removed.

Removing switch on Redplate amp controller for rehouse.

Removing the Redplate amp controller switches.

Rehoused switch locations

Mapping out the new switch locations.

drilling enclosure switch hole

Drilling the new enclosure.

installing jack on rehoused switcher

Installing the favorite switch jack.

rehoused switch and jack componentsRehoused components.

Rehoused amp control and favorite switchesThe new unit with amp control switches and MIDI jack, favorite switch and plug, and 4 LEDs.

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If you have a pedal you’d like rehoused in a smaller enclosure, Contact Us for a quote.

Laura Helweg
Laura Helweg

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