November 23, 2016

Remember your roots

Beginning in 2010, I've spent much of my time working one-on-one with clients. Building the pedalboards and cases takes time, make no mistake. But each new project comes with hours of researching, layout design, and careful communication with clients. Then there's the set-up work: terminating custom patch cables, mounting pedals, wiring custom patchbay connections, testing. 

In anticipation of our massive 2016 product launch (new pedalboard, new case, new mounting system) I was forced to temporarily cease taking on custom work.

Those days are officially in the past.

With heaps of new-part development and fabrication now behind us, I'm thrilled to announce that our new system is firing on all cylinders, and the results are fantastic (even exceeding my expectations). I am finally back where I belong, ready to collaborate with you on your new custom pedalboard.


Custom OpenWing 13 Pedalboards

Approaching the custom ordering process with a clean slate, we've developed a beautiful interactive order form filled with product information, images, and an automatic price generator, so you can grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy exploring the possibilities.  

The seasoned DIYer may choose to create their masterpiece using the order form alone, by combining their choice of board length, case type, and power supply in one of our seven classic colorways. Add professional security to your new creation with our screw-mount brackets and risers found in our online Catalog

Or, take advantage of our personal consulting package. This affords me the opportunity to survey the blueprints of your new rig in depth, to help streamline, problem solve, and answer questions as we work toward achieving your goals. This VIP service includes scale mock-ups to help determine the board size and visualize the pedal arrangement. 

Consulting also gives you access to additional services, including custom cables, patchbays, and professional pedal set-up with our screw-mount bracket and riser system.

Start designing your custom pedalboard HERE


The Helweg Design system in action:

Helweg Design Pedalboard with Voodoo Lab 4X4, Lehle 3@1, Eventide H9

Michael Helweg
Michael Helweg

2 Responses

Troy Johnson
Troy Johnson

April 21, 2017

I’ve seen numerous pedalboards that Michael Helweg has assembled over the years and every single one represents the best work that is being done in the industry. I agree 100% with others that have commented on his flawless attention to detail. I know Michael and Helweg Design will continue to create some of the best rigs long into the future. —Troy Johnson, Owner of Stompin-Ground Pedalboard Systems

Steve Danielson
Steve Danielson

November 25, 2016

Just received my custom pedalboard today and it is flawless! The attention to detail is amazing. Thanks for your work and guidance helping me flesh out the most flexible design, layout, and patching options. The process was exactly what I was hoping for (turnkey) and the performance is plug and play. It was a pleasure working with you. I am a fan of your work.

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