August 29, 2018 1 min read

It's officially official—Helweg Design is moving to Nashville, Tennessee! We're packing up every hand tool, sheet of wood, and pilot light and heading to the creative capital of America.

The move was initiated by Laura accepting a position as a children's book editor with HarperCollins Christian Publishing (Laura is an editor by day). With Nashville being the ideal city for working with musicians, this is a can't-pass-up opportunity for Helweg Design.

Music City

Once we get the new shop set up, Michael will be looking to connect with local musicians and craftspeople. We plan to take full advantage of our new location and hope to do much more business locally and in person. 

If you live in the area or will be passing through, give us a shout.

Beautiful Tennessee

We are also thrilled to be heading to such a beautiful region of the country as both of us love to explore and photograph the outdoors. We plan to get our mountain bikes tuned up, and a kayak has been mentioned. Here's a photo Michael took on our first trip to Nashville.
Waterfall east of Nashville

Help us move

The boxes are starting to pile up, so help us out by claiming a special deal on our pedalboard inventory. Browse our Reverb shop to view what's available.

Laura Helweg
Laura Helweg

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